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Is it here now?

*******************Is it here now?******************


John Kerry rides helmet free.

*************John Kerry rides helmet free.**************


Tell it like it is, Abe.

*************************Tell it like it is, Abe.**************************


Go, Vlad, go! Yes, keep on riding.

*******************Go, Vlad, go! Yes, keep on riding.*****************


End helmet laws now!

*******End helmet laws now!…………Take it Seriously********

Helmet Laws

                 Well folks, here are the laws, I’m listing the laws relative to those who are 21 years of age or older. Some states have different requirements for those 20 years of age or younger. Some states require PIP insurance or similar insurance for the protection of the rider and passenger.

                      No Helmet Required States

All except those listed below. Rhode Island and Alaska require helmets for all passengers.

                    States requiring helmets for all riders and passengers:

Alabama, California, District of Columbia, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.



                   Good news, folks, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has been asked to enter legislation giving helmet-less bikers and passengers over the age of 20, access to Interstate and US highways, plus state and local roads linking Interstate and US highways, and a 1 mile access distance from an Interstate or US highway for food, fuel, rest with unlimited distance for medical attention or bike repairs.

                   Please contact the Senator via email click here: (ussenate.com), fax (202 228 2862) or call (202 224 2235) in your support to him. He needs 1 million emails or faxes to get this through. 20 million is better. Remember if the Senator fails us it’s because we failed the Senator!

                  Hey, veteran, Naval Captain/Senator John McCain is fighting this battle all alone. Hey, vet, how would you like to be in that position and have no one coming to back you up? Back up Captain McCain now.  Just for the record, Senator McCain has dedicated his entire life for our freedom, he was tortured in North Vietnam, he continued to serve and then felt he could do more for America in the U.S. Senate, he continues to fight for our freedom and so should every vet and every American.  Click here.

Understand it folks, in 1967 we had helmet laws shoved down our throats. The Fed threatened to withhold highway funding to states that didn’t comply. They could do the same to rid us of  them.

Another possibility is developing a strong legal challenge for discrimination and with a strong case we hope the court will grant class action status.

Love America?     America First!

    www.gypsfulvus.net    Easy Rider: On Freedom 

Freedom to Fascism      Freedom Ship     Ranger Smith on Required Attire

Bikers Block Westboro Baptist Church    Westboro Chickens Out


A message from JEB BUSH:

                 “There are all sorts of things that happen in life,” Bush said. “Tragedies unfold almost, look, you just read the papers, and you see a child dies in a pool and drowns. And parents want to pass a law to do something, and you got to be careful that you want to solve the problem. If there’s a problem, a defect in the law, fine, then we did that all the time, but sometimes you’re imposing solutions to problems that doesn’t fix the problem and takes away people’s liberties and rights, and that’s the point I was trying to make.”

Now read California




                  The most we have at this time is that Alabama went with helmets a long time ago (1967) and the statute is Title 32 Chapter 5A Article 11 Section 245. At this time I know of no effort to repeal it nor am I aware of any legislator entering any bill for a hearing, etc. I am trying to work with a state senator and awaiting his reply. There seems to be a few people in Alabama who are making an effort to rid us of helmet laws and do hope they’re focusing on the 21 and older rider/passenger. I will be happy to work with any bona-fide biker and resident of Alabama to acheive repeal. At this point in Alabama it has to come from within the state. Anyone with info please get with me via the link at the bottom of this page.


                 Well folks, California is a major problem in that the enactment of its helmet law on November 11, 1992 was for reasons other than safety. The bill was enacted with yea votes of 48 in the assembly and 22 in the senate. The bill was entered by Assemblyman Richard Floyd and enacted by then governor Pete Wilson.

                    The fight was over protecting those who should not even ride motorcycles from themselves. Now that we have so many recreational riders out there trying to play biker we must give up our freedom so those who don’t know how to ride can protect themselves from themselves. In addition to this mother Mary Price was upset as a result of losing her son, Jimmy, 19 years of age, in a motorcycle accident. Well now, it seems to me she shouldn’t be grandstanding, dictating to adults (playing mommy for the world) and being vindictive to those she is afraid of. It seems to me that in most states it is illegal to sell a motor vehicle to a minor (a person under 21 years of age). The question I have is how did her son get a motorcycle in the first place? Her son’s death was not the fault of not wearing a helmet, rather, that an adult endangered the welfare of her child resulting in his death by putting a motorcycle under him. Fault falls on the adult who did that.

              Helmets save lives in only a few situations and not nearly enough to justify a helmet law. What saves lives are training, experience, common sense, and an attitude and lifestyle adjustment before getting on a motorcycle. How long did the recreational riders involve themselves with motorcycles, bikers, and the biker lifestyle before  they ran out, bought a motorcycle and became macho overnight? California does has a right to protect their minors but do not have a right to infringe on adults 21 and older. California needs to take action against those who purchase motor vehicles for minors just as they do those who purchase alcohol for minors.

                 To reiterate and conclude, helmets save lives in only a few situations and the rest of the time they cause more injuries and deaths than they save. Better for those who don’t belong on a motorcycle to sell the bike and take taxi cabs instead or even better, buy boats or airplanes to assert their manliness with.


                  Well folks, DC is a bit of a problem. They’re not a state, have no right to function like a state, rant and rave for domination and control, enact laws, specifically the helmet law, which denies honest American citizens the opportunity to visit our nations capitol and our elected officials. We are not interested in hurting America; we are interested in restoring freedom in America. Therefore, a different tactic must be implemented in addition to diplomacy.


            Georgia helmet law is: 40-6-315. Once they get away with one thing they just won’t stop. How miserable can you be made before you fight back? While these laws are good for those with no hands on experience or knowledge of the realities of riding, they sure do hurt the bikers.  Hey, its time to fight back. What do they cherish the most? This is what we deal with. Be creative. What do we have? Nothing. What do we have to lose? Nothing. Let’s organize and vote he problems out of office.


         Here, folks, are the legislators who voted in favor of the helmet law. I would like to mention the governor’s office has been good to us, they have given, upon our request, this information. I believe they are honest people and very out front, the way we are, and I feel we need to be deal with fairly . I think these legislators may have been mislead or, hopefully not, lied to. The helmet law issue needs to be addressed in Louisiana and not from outside the state. I will offer as much info to help our Louisiana brothers as possible.

Louisiana SENATE


Fields, Jones, Bajoie Gautreaux, B Malone, Boissiere Gautreaux,  Holden, Schedler, Dardenne, Hollis,Theunissen, Duplessis, Irons, N. Marionneaux, Chaisson, Hainkel, Michot, Cheek, Heitmeier, Mount, Cravins, Ullo and Dupre Jackson.

Louisiana HOUSE


      Doerge, Kennard, Alexander, Dorsey, Marchand, Ansardi, Downs, Martiny, Arnold, Erdey, McDonald, Badon, Fannin, Murray, Baldone, Flavin, Odinet, Baudoin, Frith, Pierre, Baylor, Futrell, Pitre, Beard, Gallot, Powell, T. Broome, Gray, Richmond, Bruce Guillory, E. St. Germain, Burns Guillory, M. Strain, Burrell, Hill, Thompson, Carter, K., Honey, Trahan, Carter, R., Hunter, Triche, Cazayoux, Hutter, Tucker, Crane, Jackson, Waddell, Crowe, Jefferson, White, Curtis, Katz and Winston.


                  First the statute: Sec 11B, Chapter 85, Title XIV, Part 1. Yes, if you call them they will give you the names of the legislators who voted for the helmet law.

                  Now then, how a state like Massachusetts would enact a helmet law for persons 21 years of age and older fully baffles me. It makes no sense. They allow legal weed, recognize co-cohabiting adults, have changed their numbering system on driver’s licenses so birth date and S.S. numbers do not appear on licenses, allow numerous pubs to exist, give auto buyers a big break tax wise (enables buyers to pay tax where they register the vehicle) and a host of progressive laws to boot. For some reason they think, just as the other states think, all bikers in America must comply with their laws if they want to visit New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island or Connecticut. Hey, we’d love to visit Mass and spend some money, however, you require us to spend two nights motel rent just to ride in your state. Hey, better we should stay in a motel in New Hampshire, buy gas there and just ride through your state than reward you financially for the additional cost you force on us.

                 Just for the record, more people incur head injuries in cars than on motorcycles so why don’t you mandate all automobile operators and their passengers to wear helmets? Think about it. Ridiculous isn’t it? So is your helmet law for motorcycles for persons 21 and older. Com’on, Mass you can see the point, get rid of that helmet law for persons 21 years of age and older. Cycle Shanty will give all the support we can to any legitimate person or group in Mass, just whistle.


             Maryland enacted its helmet law in 1970, Chapter 534, SB 10. Additional legislation in 1979,Chapter 747, SB 918 and again in 1992, Chapter 1, HB 377 also added to our misery. The State Law Library was helpful and information is not available online. You may try lawlibrary@mdcourts.gov for needed info. It appears, pragmatically speaking, paranoia and need to keep up with the Jones’ is whats behind this. Maryland is such a small state, rarely traveled by serious and or real bikers, the law is more a nuisance than a safety factor. Yes, Cycle Shanty will back up any sincere resident or activist group needing our support.


         Bad news and good news. The bad news is that Governor Jay Nixon is out of touch with the realities of riding motorcycles and continues to veto legislation to repeal helmet laws. The good news is that state Senator Brown has entered legislation to repeal mandatory helmet usage for persons 21 years of age or older. The senator has entered SB 187 which allows us to ride helmet free. The best way to deal with NIXON is to vote him out of office. Perhaps we can vote Senator Brown into the governor’s office. Anyway, communicate with Senator Brown about getting rid of helmet laws for persons 21 and older.


               Yes they have a helmet law created in 1972 and reviewed in 2013 : Miss. Code Ann. 63-7-64. I found no effort to repeal. A tip of the hat to Captain Donald McCain of the Mississippi DPS for his help. They’re also the poorest state in America. Where freedom reigns so does prosperity and once they figure it out we should see a serious effort to repeal the helmet law for persons 21 and older. You can also try www.ms.gov to secure more info. You also have a legislator able to get the statute number, members of both the house and senate who voted for the helmet law and learn who supports the existing helmet law. Hey, you guys know the best way to get them out of our hair, just do it.


              Well, folks, Nebraska seems to be out of touch with motorcycles. In 1988 LB 428 gave us Nebraska Revised statute 60 – 6274. In 1993 LB 370 amended this bill and nothing in our favor. This bill was introduced by state Senator Dan Lynch of Omaha. Yep, a law to protect the recreational riders and persecute everyone else. They have no idea of what is going on outside of Nebraska. They have no idea helmet laws cause more injuries, permanently maimed and dead people than it saves. Now then, you need to bring this issue to the attention of your Nebraska legislator, and, yes, we will supply any legitimate Nebraska biker or group (A.B.A.T.E.) with as much information as possible to change this dangerous law.


Well, folks, in February 2013, a bill repealing the helmet law of 1971 was introduced. This bill did not get a hearing, and therefore, no vote. The question we need to ask is why? Now then, the 1971 law was most likely enacted as a result of brutally oppressive Federal threats and intimidation which by the way, no longer exist. The legislators who voted for this have left us, be allowed to rest in peace, and those who are still with us, are entitled to live in peace in that they are up in age.

           Yes, Nevada has to a major degree, assisted us in acquiring this info and is considered honest, out front and this is indicative of a reasonable state government. We will treat them so. The senators who supported this repeal action are: Gustovson (Donald), Hammond (Scott), and Cegauske (Barbara)[she’s kind of cute]. The assembly reps who supported this bill are: Daily (Skip), Duncan (Wesley), Ellison (John), Hambrick (John), Hanson (Ira), Wheeler (Jim), Munford (Harvey) and Fiore (Michelle)[also kind of cute]. These are the people who are willing to do something for us and who we should work with.

         I will supply information supporting our effort to any legitimate Nevada resident.


            New Jersey does have its problems. Now then, lets take a look at one fatal motorcycle accident that occurred in Jersey. A naive recreational rider, probably from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, went to his local Harley Davidson store-bought the best of the best, this means the most expensive, walks over to the apparel department, buys himself a real biker costume with a Captain America helmet and sets out to ride. He is now a powerful master of the fighter jet, a real ninja, a man of our times doing things the way he always does things, with his head in his ass. The result? He died in a motorcycle accident and guess what? He didn’t die of a head injury he died of sudden impact. The helmet law didn’t save his life or for that matter the lives of all together to many.


           New York State passed its helmet law in 1967 to avoid loss of highway funds. This threat no longer exists and the current governor and legislature are not at fault for the law. What we must find those in the New York State legislature who refuse to repeal or revise the current law to allow persons 21 years of age or older the right to ride without a helmet and educate them or vote them out of office. Also, perhaps most important, what is the governor’s position?


                  Sorry folks, North Carolina is back on the list. The governor didn’t sign the repeal bill.  Thanks to Aqua Dave for letting me know. Have info? Let me know and I’ll update.


               Oregon is not showing any signs of repealing the law as I believed. I Just checked (06FEB14) the statute to learn if they did enact and is in effect only to find out nothing has changed. YOU MUST WEAR A HELMET IN OREGON. It isn’t what is was in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. I will however, update this page as required when I have new information. Do what you need to do!


             Tennessee, a beautiful state with so much potential, a capable and skilled workforce, turns away business, and I do mean a lot of business, a lot of motorcycle related business. for no other reason than TCA 55-9-302. This the statute prevents adults 21 years of age and older from riding without helmets. Now the good news: SB 1143, entered by state Senator Green and co-sponsored by Bowling, Heney and Nicely and in the House HB 0894, entered by state Representative Keisling and cosponsored by Harrison, Tidwell, Mathemy, Todd, De Barr, Powers, McDaniel, Hill and Van Huss to correct this deficiency. SB 1143 has not yet been voted on and HB 0894 passed. Their bills are titled Motorcycle Liberty Restoration Act. There have been others.

             Folks, we have to give Senator Green and Representative Keisling some serious attention. They need a lot of help. If you’re a Vol, then contact them and find out what kind of support they need. If you’re not a resident do the same. Tennessee has great people, we cannot leave them behind and I will do any and everything possible to support Senator Green and Representative Keisling.


                   Bad news. Vermont is ignoring us. That doesn’t surprise me. This is what I do have: H 03550, Chapter 13, 23 VSA 1256. No known effort to repeal.

                 I think I know what the problem is. Vermont, a beautiful state and choice of the 1960’s back to the land crowd, now primarily inhabited by that group, since native Vermont farmers sold their farms profitably and moved to northern New York State, has become as depicted in the book Animal Farm. Yes, all are equal although some are more equal. Oppression and punishment of the minority seems the norm. It wasn’t always that way. I remember the park ranger who gave me a huge garbage bag to insulate my bed roll from the cold and humidity, the smiling face of the girl in the motel who helped me with information and directions. The state that gave refuge and home to Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, who the Soviets stripped of his citizenship alleging he was a dissident and we saw him as a  freedom fighter.  After resotration of Solzhenitsyn’s Russian citizenship, he returned to his Mother Russia and spoke out about the evils he found in not just Vermont, New England as well. He complained about too many laws (Note: Such as but not limited to the helmet law.), and religious zealotry (Note: I do not believe he was attempting to implement a state religion in Russia rather to keep zealotry out.)

                  The people of Vermont need to be grateful Senator Patrick Leahy is still willing to represent them.


                 Virginia does have a helmet law, its: 46.2-910. There have been many bills entered to limited the helmet law and failed. First they tried to repeal for 18 and older and then for 21 and older. There are intelligent people in the Virginia legislature who do not want to ruin another industry. I only hope all the generals who are now on inactive status, gave their life to fighting for freedom, will also write their legislators and encourage repeal of the helmet law for persons 21 and older the last fight for freedom we can ask of them. There are some enlightened people in Virginia we will offer support to them as requested. To find your rep in both the house and senate check with you local phone book and ask if they support repeal or not. If they support it, great, if not its time to vote someone who will.


                Great news folks, on 7/1/11, SB 7, introduced by state Senators Yost, Sypoit and D. Facemire was entered giving persons 21 years of age or older freedom from helmets as long as certain safety course and insurance coverage are acquired. I am waiting at this time a confirmation ensuring this enactment and the effective date. Once confirmed West Virginia will actually be heaven and be off this list. Nice going Yost, Sypoit and Facemire, you have friends everywhere. Stay tuned for the official word.


              Support our Freedom Fighters!!!!  Washington State, like oh so many others, threatened and intimidated by the Federal government in the mid 1960’s, enacted a helmet law. Good news: its called SB 5143. Pro helmet law repeal leaders and senators are: Benton, Hargrove, Carrell, Kivers, Braun, Delvin, Smith, Roach, Sheldon, Hatfield, and Holmquest Mawbry. We must not stereotype all WA legislators and need to work with these senators. It repeals the helmet law for those 18 years of age and older. Perhaps it should have been for those 21 and older. Extra effort is needed and only as requested by these senators. Do all you can to support and help them.

             Well folks, this is about all I can do at this point. Remember, this list is up to date at this time and things could change. The only way I can keep you accurately informed is with your help. If anyone knows of a change in the law be sure and let me know that and I will update this page. REMEMBER, I AM COMMITTED TO HELPING YOU!! The Shanty can only be as effective as you are informative. Keep me informed of any changes in your state.

Have info: Contact the Shanty

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By George Thu Dec 24th 2015 at 4:18 pm  

With most bikers against helmet laws why do we have them?

By Bum Thu Dec 24th 2015 at 4:22 pm  

From my perspective it’s because most bikers rant, raved get involved in officially approved organizations which are easily corrupted and “managed”. They do not have a well developed strategy and their tactics are easily defeated. You’re here and we’re doing something and when the “popular anti helmet” crowd can’t win they submit to oppression. Abe Lincoln had something to say about it.

By Mick Sat Jan 16th 2016 at 6:27 pm  

It’s hard to find people willing to make a commitment. With all the phonies and blowhards on the biker social sites all they do is make noise.

By George Mon Dec 21st 2015 at 10:17 pm  

I agree with Abe on that one.

By Deak Fri Dec 25th 2015 at 2:23 am  

I agree, too.

By Switchblade Wed Dec 9th 2015 at 1:47 am  

I like the activism on this site. Its time to legalize weed and get rid of helmet laws. I’ll do my part. I like the links you included.

By Bum Mon Dec 14th 2015 at 11:52 pm  

You are by being involved.

By Switchblade Wed Dec 9th 2015 at 1:08 am  

I believe that wearing a helmet can get you killed or injured. I support repeal.

By Bum Mon Dec 14th 2015 at 11:53 pm  

A lot of us do.

By ralphharley Fri Dec 4th 2015 at 7:46 am  

Freedom of helmet choice went to the legislature but got to DOT, 5 voted on it, 4 men & one woman, 2 men voted freedom of choice & 2 men & the woman voted to wear helmets in case of a crash. I say all women should have to wear a chastity in case of a rape. We need a chastity belt law & get all the women on our side, it’ll be no more helmets.

By Bum Mon Dec 14th 2015 at 11:54 pm  

Post whenever you have updates, Ralph.

By Big D Tue Oct 13th 2015 at 11:18 am  

I have two friends that were killed by helmets. Their necks were broken during a wreck. When they went down their heads just bobbled up and down till it broke their necks. Doctors said if they hadn’t of had those helmets on they probably would have survived. So all these helmet supporters aren’t altogether right. I say let the biker decide for him or herself.
BigD, Mississippi

By HDZ Mon Dec 14th 2015 at 11:55 pm  

Big D is right it should be up to the rider if he or she wants to wear a helmet.

By Darkstar Sat Oct 10th 2015 at 4:30 am  

Nice site, I agree helmet laws suck. I find it funny that the west coast is all helmets. These are the same states that like to boast about freedom and individuality.

By Bum Mon Dec 14th 2015 at 11:58 pm  

It has to do with too many people imagining what is safe and unsafe. Most that support helmets are newbies and their mothers.

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