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Q’s, A’s and Tech Tips

Q’s, A’s and Tech Tips – Contents Page

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Whitworth parts?

Parts retail and custom manufactured parts.




Bike won’t start and runs hot.


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Flat tire?

So your raking your front end?

Thump, thump, its your rear tire.

Front Forks

Tire balancing.


Page Three   (click 4 page)

Stroke and Bore

Can’t get it started?

Still can’t get it started?

About batteries!

Adjusting your valves?


Page Four   (click 4 page)

Changing your thermostat?

Light bulbs, Headlights and Wiring.

Oil Filters.

Pulling your engine?

Building your own frame?


Page Five    (click 4 page)

More on Tires.

Porting your engine?

Painting your bike?

Chains, belts or shafts?

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