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Cycle Shanty: It’s An Adventure!


                Hello, folks, let me introduce myself. I’m Bum and I run the newest adventure on the web known as Cycle Shanty.

            What do we do at Cycle Shanty? The website is activist, resource, educational and biker interest site. If you have a problem with your bike, and need help, I will help you if I can.  The general philosophy at the Shanty is to keep your bike on the road and not in the shop, to help you secure the least expensive and or highest quality products and services available through our advertisers.

              If you are a business and are friendly to bikers than by all means you are welcome to advertise on the Shanty Wall – Places and Things page. On this page we link all advertisers to their own website. If you have a valid question of a technical nature that would be of interest to most bikers you will see it posted on a Q and A page.  If you have biker oriented pics I’ll get them on the right page. It’s not just my site it’s our site and your participation is taken seriously.

            Networking and support of the overall biker lifestyle is critical. The Shanty does this. Sure, you can buy most things you need anywhere, although, unless you buy it from someone in the “community”, it makes it hard to survive. True, it may be a bit of a hassle to flash on the Shanty Wall – Places and Things, travel a little further to buy it, however, the networking and contacts you’ll make are worth it. Plain and simple, if you’ve seen it on the Shanty Wall – Places and Things then support it. Through our website we connect with all the others. Let’s just live in perfect harmony, support each other’s scene and we’ll all do better.

            Interested? You’ve taken the first step, start out here. You need to check the Shanty website at least once a week since I am constantly updating the scene.

           Cycle  Shanty will take you places you’ve never been before.

Cycle Shanty: It’s an adventure!!!!

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