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Stolen Bikes

99 Dyna Wide Glide – Stolen 1/6/16 in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Bike Show Goes Violent


On 4/15/16 the Shanty exceeded the total number of visitors and views we logged for the entire 2013 year. Yes, in only 4 1/2 months!


Punk goes Viral and Biker Stuns Him


Wanted pic

Wanted text


Well, Shanty world, today we have achieved another and the last milestone we will be able to reach this year. Our yearly views have peaked and I hope 2016 will be even better. Keep those comments coming and spread the word: cycleshanty.com and we will.


Motorcycle Thief Gets Banged Up and Busted:  click here


Take it seriously.

Take it seriously. This is uncalled for and turns the world against them. The world will fight back.


106 Bikers Indicted: click here 


Mexican Supreme Court Rules IN Favor of Legalization of WEED!!

Read about it on the WEED NOW page 


Finally, Justice!!!!  Texas police arrest man for running bike off road.

Read it:  here


Helmet Laws War  News!!!!

                     Well folks, we have had a very passionate denouncement of oppression from His Holiness. His push for freedom cannot be ignored by the Shanty. Since His Holiness, in his own words, has condemned helmet laws for what they are, oppressive, it is clear, hypocrisy, oppression and ignorance can no longer be tolerated. We must support Senator John McCain’s effort on our behalf. click here


BREAKIN’ NEWS!!!!!!! Cycle Shanty has recorded it’s 10,000 view today 9/13/2015.  The Shanty is now at 23,000 views (4/12/2016).


                                                                         Is Harley in trouble???  Click here. 


      A drunk was arrested for wasting a biker in North Texas. Read it here: Drunk Arrested


Financing, at last!!!! Check out the Marijuana Credit Union on the WEED NOW page links.             The problem was getting the banks to accept them.


                  In memory of. We bid farewell to FTB. They were good people and we’ll remember them, unfortunately, they could not keep women from constantly dominating commentary. Perhaps they will return.


Great News Folks:   The Shanty is seen in all but a few countries around the world!!! We’re still waiting for Afghanistan, North Korea, Mongolia, New Guinea, Suriname, French Guyanthe and perhaps a few more.


                  For those of you into Honda 750 Fours, there are a shit load of them up in Ohio, where exactly I’m not sure. If you have an interest let me know and I’ll pursue it for you. There is a pic of one on a pickup truck on the Just Bikes page if you want to take a look. and thanks to Darrell for sending it to us.


 Important!!!!   Check out the Alerts and Warnings page…….Fork Seals……….don’t get ripped off. 


            *******Hey, folks, as you know I’m international and things are very slow and that’s to be expected. I am receiving many comments, unfortunately, translation is a major issue and I’m really bogged down with work on it. I’m posting a comment form on the bottom of certain pages so you can just state your mind a lot easier and receive replies.